Update Time!

Hello to all the new faces that will be landing here! I’m still working through a few personal things (trying to buy a house is the BIG one), but I’d like to give an update on the state of things. TL;DR for anyone who wants: Buying a house is taking a painfully long time (so many failed offers!), but I’m still making LOTS of felt stuff. I’m just unable to post much due to space and time constraints with my current living situation. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more regularly, even if it means it’s not as perfect as I would prefer.


My name is Daveanna and I’m a felt artist. I specialize in and absolutely love making felt food. I try to always think of the small details that you might not expect, and create items that make you second-guess whether it’s real or not. Felt is such a fun material to work with; it has a very approachable entry-level, and higher-quality materials are only marginally more expensive once you get the hang of things. I always joke that my mind thinks in felt. I love taking on big challenges, making new and unexpected things, and utilizing a variety of techniques. I want to make my designs accessible to as many people as I can, and that’s why I’m providing them as patterns. I will occasionally sell physical items in my Etsy store, but more regularly will be creating patterns for purchase.

What’s to Come?

Most recently, I’ve been working a on huge project that I can’t wait to share with everyone! It was an absolute dream to work on this, and I don’t think I could have asked for something cooler. My only hint is that it has nothing to do with felt food! 🙂

As for the longer term, ideally, my family will be able to land a deal on a house soon, with a dedicated workspace to produce my art. The housing market has been less-than-friendly to buyers: One home we bid on received 33 offers, which was beyond discouraging. We’ve been looking for almost a year and have lost the bids on countless homes, with less and less appearing on the market. Our family is trying to stay hopeful, but it has been hard. My mobile workshop right now has been a tiny, disorderly basket of materials and a small section of my kid’s play table, cautiously guarding them against any curious hands. All that being said, I am still incredibly inspired and making so many things.

My current project is a set of natural findings such as leaves, seeds, and anything you’d find on the forest floor. I’ve designed a matching game where children can learn to identify which leaves correspond with their respective seeds, berries, cones, etc. This will be released as a pattern set, and the designs are very friendly for first-time felters.


You’ll be hearing more from me, hopefully making content in my own studio, if all goes well soon! I appreciate you stopping by. 💚

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