Samples of some references that will be eventually included on this website:

  • Stitch Guides: Running, whip, back, ladder, blanket, etc.
  • Knotting Guide:
  • Stuffing Guide: Types, techniques, brands, etc.
  • Heat-bonded felt
  • Freezer paper transfer
  • Felt Types: Acrylic, Eco-Fi, Wool Blend, and 100% Wool. (Descriptions of all, as well as make the same project in all 4, and allow the kids to wear and tear to show quality differences)
  • Inspiration: Researching fruit/vegetable types to create variety?

This is just a running list of some of the things I have in mind for this section. If you have any suggestions of anything you feel would be appropriate for this page, please leave me a comment below for consideration!

❤ Daveanna

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